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RDSG Starter Kit
Like many other people, I'm producing a set of buildings - ideally more or less unified in style - for other people to use. I'll collect images and descriptions here, since the in-game exchange images are limited. You can find these in-game by Richeldis of La Gorgue, prefaced with "RDSG Starter Kit". I will aim to provide buildings roughly suitable for a 1000 person city as standard, so that they exceed the capacities of the old-style without being prohibitively expensive for new players.

Plot size for RDSG Starter Kit buildings will be 48mx48m. Roads and walls will come in sections 40m long and roads are 8m wide. Joining pieces 16m long (straight joins, turns, T-junctions, crossroads) and finishing pieces 4m long will be provided. This allows you to join plots together into a seamless grid city and surround it with walls. Some smaller individual buildings will also be provided which can be fitted together into a standard 48m plot; for example so that you can fit multiple functional buildings within a small walking distance of the town centre.


A smallish town hall in muted Gothic style, with a public square in front and a small garden at the back. Citizen posts allow people to sit on the bench and the garden gate at the back opens. The square can be easily removed to fit in an existing town plan; if retained, vehicles should be able to drive and land on it. No interior yet - likely to gain a single upper hall and a corridor from front to back door when I have time. Will replace these with daytime pictures.

[Image: il4wvUz.png]

[Image: SaW5w0Q.png]

[Image: wWzms0G.png]

[Image: ZGu7zQa.png]

Known bugs:
- Rear path is overgrown with grass.
[Image: 7JQk4bf.jpg]

A fortified church, suitable for a decent-sized town (but not a cathedral). It comes with some conventual buildings and a courtyard garden. There is a full interior for the church itself and access to two levels of battlements via turbolift. It satisfies the church demand for a town of up to 1000 people. Standard 48x48 plot size.

[Image: RL44Ce2.png]

[Image: BvcWZWg.png]

[Image: TqYeeU3.png]

[Image: UIyNW9r.png]

[Image: JrVIBMb.png]
This is nice
Thank you, man. That's fantastic work!
Wow, this looks really awesome! Looking forward to the rest of this kit.

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