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Default Process on Construction Window
Say you put down construction sites for a lot of buildings. Then you put down a capitol and add your own efforts to the labour.

It's difficult to tell, from a list of 20 mines, which ones you need to build first (stone, then metal, then maybe coal etc.) in order to make your city self sufficient and gain the resources you need for the next stage of building and production. You have to either guess the distance or check the coordinates manually.

A little display to tell you which default process you chose when you laid down the site would help remind you which thing you're actually trying to build. Then you won't accidentally spend 5 minutes adding labour to a useless gem or coal mine when you really need metal to get started.
That would be nice.  But I'm not sure why you're looking at coordinates.  Just select a mine from the list and look around in top-down to see which one was highlighted.  Also, I think the list is sorted by age?  So if you place the mines in the order you need them, you can just go down the list from top to bottom without having to wonder which ones are which.
Oh, there's highlighting now? I remember asking for that once before, it does make a big difference and I hadn't noticed. Thanks Haxus, it looks pretty slick, too!

All the same, once your buildings stretch beyond the range of resource icons highlighting doesn't necessarily give you all the clues you need, and remembering the order can get difficult if you have a large number or need to take a break between sessions.

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