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2019-02-05 Helicopter
The helicopter has never worked properly.

This poor neglected vehicle was never completed.

I imagined a small airplane. Rather than restrict his creativity, I asked Tyler to make a model of a "small aircraft". Tyler was an incredibly creative 3D artist, being singularly responsible for all of the creature body parts and many of the item models in SoH, including the "Dr. Seuss" helicopter, as it was dubbed once.

Tides changed then, Tyler had to go (no fault of his), and the small aircraft never got completed. It languished ever since, waiting for a bit of attention by a programmer.

Helicopter now functions.
  • Helicopter makes sound when engine is on.
  • Helicopter lift is modulated by air pressure. You can no longer fly to the moon in a helicopter.
  • Outside air pressure indicator is displayed on the panel.
    • Green indicates air pressure is sufficient for flight.
    • Yellow indicates air pressure is marginal for flight.
    • Red indicates air pressure is insufficient for flight.
  • Helicopter has its own set of control bindings on the Settings|Controls window.
The outside air pressure indicator is a guess, based on standard gravity. Variables of outside air pressure and gravity mean that it won't be strictly accurate in all conditions.

I wish I had finished it sooner. The helicopter is darn fun to fly. It could easily replace the motorbike for my planetary exploration needs.

The helicopter operates a little differently from all other vehicles. Here is a quick guide to flying the helicopter.
  • Turn on the engine.
  • Raise the throttle to climb. Lower the throttle to descend.
  • Using keyboard, WASDZC keys pitch, yaw and roll the helicopter just like a space fighter.
  • Press the Hover button to hold a hover.
I tested the helicopter on the largest non-gas giant world. Its engine is powerful enough to fly there, atmosphere density permitting.

Wish I had time to try it out right now, but playing another game with my wife. Haven't gotten to introduce her to Hazeron just yet.

For the good old memories.
Shores of Hazeron Wiki Moderator User: Deantwo
(02-05-2019, 04:22 PM)Haxus Wrote:
  • Helicopter has its own set of control bindings on the Settings|Controls window.
We can finally get to da choppah!
[Image: iluK937.png]

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