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2019-02-04 Officers Not Trading, Design Specs, Design Description
Officers Not Trading Cargo
There have been several reports of officers no longer trading cargo per their mission orders.

Officers did not get the memo that it was ok to trade cargo at cities with an airport but no broker. Officers will trade at airports now.

Sick Bay Bug
Passenger is in the surgery unit. I am the doctor. Ship transitions to a new system and all appears fine except the medical display says Patient: None. This also fails through a server shutdown and restart.

Fixed restore of transient patient information after reload from database.

Spacecraft Design Specifications
I found myself wondering why the design specs of my current spacecraft are only accessible at a console. It seemed like it would be appropriate on the spacecraft window, with its other pages.

Specifications page was added to the Spacecraft window. The Tab key no longer displays this window when sitting at a console. However, the Tab key is still used at a game table to display the game choices.

Blind in Mating Pose
When I position myself in the mating pose, I can no longer target on things. This makes it impossible to preposition yourself before addressing a citizen to mate with them. You have to say hello to them, then lie down, then continue the conversation, which is clunky.

Sight matrix fixed in mating pose. Citizens were also configured to notice your readiness to mate when you initiate a conversation.

Native Dialogs
I ran the designer to work on a bug, tried to load a design, and the file open dialog was just an empty transparent window frame. D:

After testing on every platform supported by SoH, I discovered that the file, color, and font dialogs did not work consistently. There was an option in Qt to use the system provided dialogs or Qt dialogs instead. Testing showed this to only be a problem after the OpenGL scene was initialized.

Now there are check boxes on the Settings window, Windows page, to use the system provided dialogs when selecting fonts, colors, and files. The default setting is off for all of them; it was safer and it was the preferred choice on my system when compared to the native dialogs.

Pot Seed
A player suggested that using a seed on a flower pot should plant the seed.

Using a seed on a flower pot now plants the seed, unless the pot is statically displayed.

Lens Q Boost
When I inspect a Q1 lens or a Q255 lens, the damage reported is the same. However, their damage is adjusted properly, according to Q, once installed into a weapon.

Fixed error reporting combat damage of lenses.

Dynamite THUMP
Dynamite doesn't make an explosion sound, it just makes a loud THUMP.

Changed dynamite and hydrogen to create an explosion sound when detonated.

Design Descriptions
Add a description to our designs to lay out features and provide some background and such?

A description can now be entered on the properties page of spacecraft and building blueprints.

A non-blank description adds a "DESCRIPTION" section at the beginning of the design analysis report.

Building View Range
"Building view range" setting does not affect new style buildings

Fixed new style buildings to respond to building view range setting.
Any fixes in this update for "Patent Qxx already exists" when trying to research a patent of higher quality, from natural materials of much higher quality than existing patent?
(02-04-2019, 09:30 PM)jakbruce2012 Wrote: Any fixes in this update for "Patent Qxx already exists" when trying to research a patent of higher quality, from natural materials of much higher quality than existing patent?

No it has not been fixed yet.
See: (Bug report) Resource Patent Quality is horribly skewed
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