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2019-01-30 Spacecraft Factory, Targoss, Libraries
Spacecraft Factory Bug
A newly built spacecraft factory can build any ship in 3 seconds. This bug was reported by several people in various forms.

The problem affected all manufacturing, not just spacecraft factories. When a building fetches materials from its own stores, labor is added to the process, which increases the time. When a building fetched materials from other connected buildings, it was not adding labor to the process. This is fixed.

In the process of fixing this bug, I found that my spacecraft factory did not automatically manufacture spacecraft at all. Workers were not fetching materials or running processes at the spacecraft factory. This is fixed.

Targoss and Гага́рин Never Despawn
Targoss and Гага́рин will stick around after their story ends.

A vital cleanup function was missed, if the story instance was dropped shortly after it started, before ever being saved to the database. It is fixed.

Targoss is Indestructible
Targoss' story ends, leaving an indestructible Targoss in the area.

Story characters now lose their invincibility setting, if any, when their story instance terminates. There you go; you can now kill Targoss again.

Targoss Appears in Space
Targoss appears in space, aboard spacecraft, and other useless places.

Targoss tutorial now requires that you be inside the atmosphere of a world and not aboard a spacecraft.

Shields Not Charging
It was reported that shields do not charge while in the down state. They are supposed to charge at a much faster rate when down.

I need to see an example of this because I cannot reproduce the problem. Shields seem to charge properly in my tests. There could be a numeric precision error on ships with very large shield capacity; again, an example is needed.

Rating Bug
Ratings do not update. After rating a blueprint in the exchange, my rating does not show up. It does appear on the web site after a few minutes.

Fixed a silly bug created while tidying up, just prior to building the previous update.

Libraries Nerfed
After upgrading operating systems on my development computer and debug servers, the gdb debugger started having trouble setting break points in my own libraries. This caused the search for the spacecraft factory bug on the running servers to become tedious and time consuming. I could not continue that way, hoping for an update to gdb that might fix it.

The solution was to statically link my libraries, instead of dynamically linking them into DLLs. Now there are less individual files downloaded by the launcher. The executable files grew a bit larger, for SoH and SoH Mail. The net result is smaller than using DLLs.

You do not have to do anything at your end. The old libraries can safely remain in the Shores of Hazeron/Programs folder. Nothing will use them. The launcher will not remove them. Here is the list of obsolete libraries, in case you want to manually remove them.

  • AuAtom13.dll
  • AuClientBase13.dll
  • AuData13.dll
  • AuDesigner13.dll
  • AuGL13.dll
  • AuGlobal13.dll
  • AuLoginClient13.dll
  • AuMail13.dll
  • AuMath13.dll
  • AuUtil13.dll
Hazeron Commander Nerfed
Hazeron Commander program is bulky and nobody uses it.

Hazeron Commander was removed from the distribution. A new launcher was posted with the Commander button removed.

UPDATE: Hazeron Commander is back. I am posting an update to the launcher update now, with the Commander button restored. I also added the launcher version number to its settings window, since it was not visible anywhere else.
Gotta say, I personally found the Commander useful for if I just wanted to quickly check on my colonies and whatnot without having to render anything.
Ok, the Commander is easy enough to put back. I didn't delete it.

I may make a separate installer for it, so it doesn't add so much to the launcher download. Worst case is on macOS, where the launcher adds 200Mb to the download.
If it really is that clunky, and if most people don't use it, what if you were to add a separate download, just for the Commander?
Now that it's statically linked, why not also enable link time optimization? It would decrease size and increase performance.
It is easiest to just put the Commander back the way it was. It is only clunky on macOS because of the way each app is encapsulated with all of its libraries.

I am doing that now.
(01-30-2019, 03:20 PM)Haxus Wrote: There you go; you can now kill Targoss again.
\o/ yau!
I might be making a fool of myself now, but what is that Hazeron Commander? ^^"
Both the wiki and Google draw a blank.
Deltova - Havenite Shipyards
(01-31-2019, 06:11 PM)DFDelta Wrote: I might be making a fool of myself now, but what is that Hazeron Commander? ^^"
Both the wiki and Google draw a blank.

A graphics-less version of Hazeron. You can chat, give others to ships, do diplomatic messages, and such. Pretty much everything expect move or see. It could become a tablet app some day maybe, if there is enough demand and no issues appear.
See: 2018-12-05 Cities Mission Orders, Hazeron Commander
Shores of Hazeron Forum and Wiki Moderator User: Deantwo
Thanks Dean.
Errrrm, wow. Somehow I completely failed to notice that this tool exists. o_O
Deltova - Havenite Shipyards

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