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2019-01-10 Version Upgrades, Qt Libraries
Hi Haxus,

no, I don't think you missunderstood me. I lately had some performance issues with my Mint installation and I had some issues with some of the drivers and some packages. So I went and deleted the whole installation and then I did install it from the scratch. However, I have my OS on a 100GB Partition. My home directory is on a separate drive (500GB). I also have a boot partition for UEFI and a small Swap Partition.

All I had to do when I reinstalled was to mark the existing /home as my home without formatting it, while assigning the root partition as root and formatting it. After the brand new installation, everything from a user side was as I left it. I got my personal settings, I even kept my desktop wallpaper and everything. All my games from Steam (which places its library in a hidden folder inside of the home directory) and even SoH, which sits in my home directory, were all still there. In others words, everything on home still remained... personal settings, configs, etc.

The only thing, that was lost, was all information that was on root. So all packages, programs and applications, etc. were gone. I had to reinstall Steam (though not the games), my code editors and IDEs, the drivers and of course all updates again. Still, the whole installation process took like 15 minutes plus maybe one hour to get all the packages and programs back. This solved my driver issue and it solved my issue with SoH, while also increasing performance and allowed me to work on some stuff on a clean install.

I salute you for that SoH upgrade you did. I know that this was a quite challenging task and a lot could have gone wrong. I think however, that it was for a great benefit. The good thing here of Linux is that indeed comes with most important libraries and if one is missing you can usually download it pretty quick and easy. I do not know a lot about Mac though. I have been working with Windows until some time ago and for about 3 years I am only using Linux. Though I do deal with Windows Clients and times.

Offering the Commander separately on Mac might be an idea. I have not checked anyway that installer, but I have noticed that the Linux one is fairly small and so is the Windows one. That said, I have just some days ago tried to run SoH with the Windows Client, using Wine. It worked like a charm and it was of equal performance. Smile I did that, when the game would not start on Linux, to log in and to see if the Windows version works. It did.

Great job with all of this.

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