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2019-01-10 Version Upgrades, Qt Libraries
I'm glad it worked out. I misunderstood your use of the term "reinstall". It sounds like you upgraded the OS, like what I just experienced with the servers, which mostly went quite well.

I was a bit worried with this SoH update. Over the years I have slowly reduced the libraries distributed with SoH, as they become available in the package library or, in some cases, I am able to eliminate them. It was glorious to discover good versions of Qt libraries available as packages in the most popular Linux distros. Now the only libraries or programs distributed by me are the ones made by me, on Linux anyway. It felt like a new level was reached.

The macOS and Windows distros still must include the Qt libraries.

The Windows version also gets the installers for OpenAL and the MSVC runtime libraries. They are sort of like packages. They must be included in the SoH distribution; it is the Windows way.

macOS has a nice way of encapsulating all the libraries a program needs. Unfortunately it means the commander program has a duplicate of almost all of the same libraries as the game client. That makes the download quite a bit bigger. I may make downloading the commander optional in the launcher, at least for macOS.

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