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2019-01-10 Version Upgrades, Qt Libraries
(01-12-2019, 12:14 AM)Haxus Wrote: Server Upgrades
The game servers run Ubuntu Server operating systems. They will be upgraded to 18.0.4 LTS starting Monday.

After going through the process on the debug servers, I think I can get all of the game servers done in one day. I'll keep the server status page updated as it goes.

The game universe will not be available for game play for parts of the day Monday, possibly most of the day.

One of the servers is currently dead in its rack. I will upgrade the OS on the other servers before going to Denver to revive it, in case more than one of them needs reviving.

How goes the server updating? The page still seem to be a little broken and no update since 2018/01/14 20:07UTC.
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