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2019-01-10 Version Upgrades, Qt Libraries
Quote:Did you clean out the old installation as Haxus recommended?  It sounds like if you just swap in the new launcher, it won't clean out the old Qt libraries and they might confuse the game.  The easiest solution is to just remove the game's Programs folder entirely and let the launcher download a fresh copy; that's what I did.

Do you have /usr/lib/  You said you installed 'xcb' and 'xcb-randr', but depending on your distro there may also be a separate 'libxcb' package (Arch Linux does this).

I did download the new launcher and in the process, I deleted the old one as well as the SoH folder. I have checked, there are plenty of xcb files, but there is no listed. I will check however if it is on the system and download it if necessary. I also did a clean reinstall of the OS (for some other reasons and because with a separate home directory it is really easy). I am still setting SoH up and will report back about it in a bit.


After reinstalling Mint and then downloading the whole game and launcher as well as reinstalling the required packages as listed, fixed the issue apparently. I am in game again. Back to work and thanks for the help!


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