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Update the launcher look for Steam
^ title: would be good to get the first impressions down pat, and they start at the launcher and login/character screens.

Heres a mockup:

(mockup without the patch text, with patch text as either removed, or as a pop-out instead)
[Image: pOpQmD9.png]
It's clean, shows all the information people need, and is laid out quite well! Fits the general style of most launchers made in the last two decades, too, without being a carbon copy. Which is great for new users!

Thumbs up from me!  Big Grin
I would move PLAY button to the left.

And overall remove that empty void in the middle.
Unify the button text size (every button seems to have a different size), swap some out for icons (make the description of a button use hover text), use a better Hazeron logo / title, make the background image a slideshow, change out the angles to round curves (reflect the in-game UI and comm) and I think this would be perfect.
[Image: iluK937.png]
I would just put text buttons instead of icons
"Play game" or "Enter Hazeron" is just much better than an image.

Second thing: I would put loading animations (generic spinning wheel) and a "loading..." text whenever a loading occurs.
Currently the launcher doesn't show anything while it checks for updates, that's bad. (if you have a slow connection you'll see just a screen with an image.. and nothing else. you wouldn't know it's loading something)
The current loading screen with just a "Wheel | Double click" 3D text is confusing the first times you see it.

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