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Weltreich Diplomancy
This thread will contain updates on Weltreich's diplomatic policies and events relevant to allies or the general community as they occur.
Update 1: Search for Perfection

Weltreich has begun construction of a Q255 shipyard in preparation for when building quality levels reach Q255. The shipyard and manufacturing hub's products will be available to all Weltreich allies, as well as those who make significant contributions towards its completion. While most of the resources required for full Q255 production have been found, a few are still missing.

Q254, Q255 resource sources remaining to locate:

Neutral or friendly empires who identify  and donate a Q254 or Q255 source of Adamantite, Ioplasma, Magmex, or Antiflux will be allowed access to ships made from this shipyard in addition to allies.
I hadn't seen this before - in the interests of stellar amity, His Graalois Majesty's government would be pleased to donate a spare source of Q254 Magmex to the noble cause of Obsessive Compulsion, but I'd be fairly surprised if our good friends didn't already know where it was...?

I'm also looking at survey reports for Q255 fish, but again, it's somewhere I'd expect you to have found it before.
[Image: 7JQk4bf.jpg]
Imperium new style cities and bases have been removed. No further action was taken against the Imperium empire, as their only offensive action against Weltreich was the previous deletion of, and current implementation of extreme morale penalties against, our own new style cities.
Please read the discussion here regarding building limits. I would value your opinion.
The change to morale penalties was not personal. Please forgive the disruption.
I didn't want a reputation for doing things halfway, so the rest was completed.

[Image: xleVSih.png]

Some citizens begged for the occupying forces to be removed:

[Image: 4IzcUG7.png]

Others made futile attempts at resistance:
[Image: iDFc6UE.png]

Neither prevailed.
[Image: ULxYkme.png]

In all seriousness, I can surrender the cities back as soon as possible.
We are moved to the depths of our neutrality. Never before have we seen acts of such unbridled tolerability. If this behaviour does not cease immediately, we shall be forced to do nothing.
As part of the Weltreich allied states, The Revenge Committee Prime Minister 5crownik007 will be making a statement on the current warfare between Weltreich and Imperium.
"Thank you, uh, we've never met the Imperium and we will not be going to war with them due to our uh... immense power difference, thank you."
The Prime Minister is finished speaking.

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