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Room Ideas
Saw some discussion on the Discord about there not being a lot of rooms types to fill a large spacecraft with. So I went about to make a small list of ideas and felt it was a good idea to share it here. You can all comment with your own ideas, but even more so if you have more rooms that actually serve a purpose as opposed to simply vanity rooms.

Purposeful rooms:
  • bridge
  • cabins/berths
  • engineering
  • medical bay
  • transporter room
  • spacecraft hangar
  • ground vehicle hangar
  • external door access

Possible vanity rooms:
  • commissary room
  • observation deck
  • military strategy meeting room (long map table)
  • engine room (flashy warp core)
  • captain's quarter/cabin
  • trophy room
  • barracks
Hazeron Forum and Wiki Moderator
Is this all necessary at all with the new designer?
(12-20-2018, 05:53 PM)AnrDaemon Wrote: Is this all necessary at all with the new designer?

You can have everything in one huge room if you want.
I was just listing some ideas to help inspire some people's designing.
(This isn't the idea forum, if you were confused.)
Hazeron Forum and Wiki Moderator
  • dining hall
  • cargo hold
  • animal pen, for when you run out of DNA sample kits (or want a ship-board zoo)
  • gardens, for growing food
  • supply locker in which to drop/place items that you don't want people accessing via ship hold
  • brig
  • bathrooms
  • kitchen
  • library
  • auditorium
  • classroom
  • day care
  • chapel
  • morgue
  • waste processing / life support
  • janitorial closets
  • interrogation room
  • armory
  • exercise room
  • a park or meadow
  • haunted house
  • ball pen
  • 3d-maze
  • giant chess board
  • recording studio
  • arcade
I don't recall if we have in-ship design studios nowadays.  If so, that's another useful room.  Otherwise, vanity.
In the old designer, each room had (more or less) unique, room-appropriate walls. Especially external walls.
My approach here is to distribute ship functions as much as possible, so each room has at least some small purpose. Instead of a bridge with absolutely everything, you can have a sensor room encased in a geodesic dome, a shield room, a fire control tower, a map and navigation room and so on. If you want still more, you could separate control and maintenance, so you had a nice sleek sensor control room, then put the service panel in more industrial area.

Other ideas: an arboretum, which the original Enterprise supposedly had, a sub-hangar with an elevator to the flight deck, a bright/research room with airlocked rooms and its own transporter system, a torpedo room with big missiles on a rack. I'll keep thinking.

Chessboard could be fun once we have custom items! Or you could make an incredibly huge one on a planet with spaceships for pieces...
I was thinking troops.

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