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Paragons of Design
The purpose of this thread is to show off some of the different and unusual designs everyone has come up with, to help spark ideas and lead to new, innovative creations. I'll start with a few ships/buildings of my own.

Each of the ships included in this initial post here have been selected for their notable gracefulness, carefully thought out color schemes, and attention to detail. Designs will gradually be added over time. Feel free to include your own unusual approaches.

Planetary Bombardment Ship:
[Image: tw5974m.png]
[Image: WnPGjnM.png]

    This ship was originally built to fulfill the need for a design capable of turret spam. It might be difficult to believe, but it was designed in just thirty minutes! The textures were all generated uniquely for this ship, using a procedural generator I had left over from another project. Turrets are all rocket launchers, as well as the main weapon bay, for use against stationary targets.

Weltreich Flagship:
[Image: OJNgWGh.png]
[Image: o749qWF.png]
    Lost to the ages, this monolithic design (Pictured here landed at a small moon) took a staggering five months to construct and, due to it's age, exceeded the maximum volume allowed for any spacecraft made today. It saw battle only once, when it served as an advance guard while taking a 20-arc ringworld. The explosions from it's main weapon bay were as large as half the ringworld arcs themselves.

Declaration of Arrival Buildings:
[Image: 1g5Ts6S.png]
[Image: wYalRRc.png]

    While they still existed, the purpose of these two structures was to announce the arrival of the Weltreich empire in new systems. Each building encompassed the entire solar system it was built in, projecting either the empire's flag for propaganda or a chaotic mess of colors for the sake of confusion.
my magnum opus

sorry for all the deleted posts T_T the video is too powerful to be shown in this hallowed land
Such beautiful designs probably are best showcased in this thread. They might challenge the understanding of the uninitiate.
Work in progress: Imperial Beowulf Flagship
[Image: k71zkUTh.png?1]

Just need to finish up decal geometry and a quick paint job.  Cool

[Image: H8VrzOdh.png?1]

[Image: BPBC0tQh.png?1]
I like trying to make organic designs, and started with this fella.

Itsy Bitsy:

[Image: 1fzW465.jpg]

So far, all of my published designs are created solely using the in-game designer, including this one.

Here's a Falballa for scale:

[Image: Etlf7Tg.jpg]

I was initially inspired by a large web creature from a certain Sci-fi TV show encounter. Halfway into the design, I was daydreaming about how to bring it alive, and the idea of animated eyes seemed freaky.

[Image: sm1ZtvA.gif]

The eyes are simply turrets. There are no restrictions on turret angles at the moment, so they like to roll back into their sockets. So far they are pretty impractical, since it felt like I needed to be within 1000m of anything for my troops to notice and start shooting (only tested on wildlife), and this ship is ~1550m in height.

All 12 of the eyes are controlled by troops from a single room inside.

[Image: cWBPiBN.jpg]

The terminals all work, you can get into one yourself and start looking through the eyes of Itsy Bitsy.
Completed: [Image: WWuZH9uh.png?1]
The Citadel from Half Life 2:
[Image: ec660ee83f5f6a0acb4348483fafbe5a.png]
[Image: 40f34100eeddd64d434397d1abee9de4.png]
I hoped to make it the actual Citadel's height (roughly 3000m) but that was well past the designer's height limit.
This is just below the height limit (roughly 1000m)
If you take the scale to account, the depth of Hazeron planetary atmosphere translates to approx. 30km of Earth atmosphere. So, your Citadel should be about 300m tall. :P
(08-22-2018, 07:40 AM)AnrDaemon Wrote: If you take the scale to account, the depth of Hazeron planetary atmosphere translates to approx. 30km of Earth atmosphere. So, your Citadel should be about 300m tall. :P

But then we wouldn't see the imposing might of the Citadel.
[Image: e0a535f6d874673e977c4bd162a60219.gif]

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