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2018-12-05 Cities Mission Orders, Hazeron Commander
Cities Mission Orders
Crew does not execute "city" related orders when the target is a new style city.

Updated NPC AI to find new style cities when executing orders to patrol or go to cities and airports.

"Armor" Inadequate
When building structure is inadequate for the environment, the message says you need more armor.

Updated messages to say "framework" instead of "armor".

Hazeron Commander
A stand-alone client chat program would be handy.

First version of Hazeron Commander is now ready.
  • Launcher downloads the program but it does not have a button to launch it yet.
    • On Windows, look for Hazeron Commander.exe.
    • On Linux look for HazeronCommander.
    • On MacOS look for This app could be missing a file or two, pending testing.
  • Network activity indicator is needed.
  • Body stats are not immediately visible.
  • No indication of hits as your body takes damage.
  • Your avatar is visible in the universe, just like when you are using the OpenGL client. Your avatar will starve and be affected by conditions like poison and disease.
  • Most user interfaces are available from the OpenGL client, including mission orders, building/city windows, and cargo hold access.
  • Design studio and building construction windows are not available.
Interesting, though I think most of the use of a 'stand alone app' for Hazeron would be something that would be a phone app, read mail and diplomatic messages, get commander reports and send/change orders (and probably have to do so with limited data), and manage broker shipments or set jobs to fill shipments or something like that for various colonies (current functionality in game is not quite this though).

That said, I don't think theres enough players at the current time to warrant a full phone version, mind, just food for thought for later.
I was going to try building it for the iPad.
(12-05-2018, 06:03 PM)Haxus Wrote: I was going to try building it for the iPad.

Would love it on Android (phones)
I assume Haxus meant he would build it for iPad just as a test?

If it works out, Android would be great one day.
Qt will build it for both iPad and Android. I have an iPad so I'll tackle that one first. My old Galaxy pad got destroyed by the dew when it was left outside one night (oops).

This is not a high priority, atm. There's still a long list of things that need fixing|finishing. Hazeron Commander lets me check off one of them.

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