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Empire Species Controls
Taking some inspiration from Stellaris' Species Rights system.

Currently we only have one species per city/building, this is defined by the avatar that builds them. The only way to change the species that live in the city/building is by removing all population and debarking passengers of the desired species. This might even be harder for new-style cities, since species DNA is per building.

I suggest that we get empire-wide controls over the species in our empire. List the DNA of all avatars in the empire and let us chose which we want to consider citizens, soldiers, crew, troops and officers.
Then whenever citizens are going to spawn they are chosen at random between any species that has the right to be a citizen. Same with crew and other spacecraft boarding, take a random species with the right to be that role.

Could extent it to also list species DNA of avatars that belong to allies or vassals. Other than that I don't know how else to determine which DNA should be listed, any ideas?
Shores of Hazeron Wiki Moderator User: Deantwo
I once suggested to Haxus that citizens spawning in a particular place should look at a "props list". So, when custom items are done, doctors spawning at a hospital would make sure to spawn with clothing that looks like a medical tunic, or with a knife that looks like a scalpel; administrators spawning near a capitol might find an item that looks like a briefcase on the list, etc.

Adding a tab (to the building screen, presumably?) to control species, clothing and props together might be the most efficient way of handling these choices. That would not rule out a broader, all-empire screen as well - species forbidden for a specific job type on the all-empire screen would be unavailable for local governors to choose on their own building screens.

It may sound like a luxury for roleplayers, but it will obviously be important that a particular building design uses species of roughly the right size. Forbidding a ten-foot-high troop species to spawn in a small retail store and get stuck is a useful function.
Actually would be a nice little feature to just change the DNA of a building. Kick out all the residents of the building and let someone with the selected DNA move in. If the building becomes vacant again, another DNA can again move in and inhabit it.
Shores of Hazeron Wiki Moderator User: Deantwo
I like the idea... this could lead to the introduction of more dynamic game-play and interactions if Species DNA has more usable factors within the game aside from seeing a different species citizen roaming the streets.

Some DNA might be good ground troops, some species might have more intellect for crew or officers for faster experience gains. Maybe want guards to have flight capability for more efficient maneuverability.

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