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Empire Colors
We have the option to use empire colors in designs, so that the design uses colors specified as the empire's theme colors.

I modeled a cute little gas station building, and I decided to use the "Empire Secondary" color. Mostly because I wanted it to be different for other empires, and I used the secondary because I felt that it would be more suited than using the empire's main color.

My questions are:
  • How do you guys use these empire colors? A lot? Not at all?
  • What colors did you pick for your empire? And how did you order them? Darkest to lightest?
  • What differences do you use for exterior and interior colors?
Hazeron Forum and Wiki Moderator User: Deantwo
I usually paint the hull of my designs in a plain black and I use the empire colors to add at least some little variation to the outside. I try to put them on every design, though I think I've forgotten to add them to a few Undecided

For example the stripes on the older Hypatia harvester/explorer design or the painted "tips" of the frontier buoy.
Here is a slightly battered Hypatia parked on a planet.
[Image: 522036-1541242926.png]

Green is my primary color, red my secondary and gold the tertiary.

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