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2018-10-26 Troops at Posts
Troops at Posts
Troops do not appear at their designated spots at military buildings.

Troops now appear at guard posts at military buildings. One troop can appear per minute, up to the number of workers at the building.

Citizens at Posts
Citizens do not appear at their designated spots at buildings.

Citizens now appear at posts at buildings. Citizens appear due to your presence. While you are at a building site with citizen posts, those posts will be filled, up to the number of workers at the building.

Construction Process Show Component Roles
When a building analysis shows its construction process, it would be nice to know what things are required.

Construction process in building design analysis now shows the role of all components. Manufacturing process in spacecraft design analysis also does this now. Required components that get consumed are now listed first, followed by modifier components.

Server Deadlock
A server deadlocked.

Fixed deadlock while firing energy weapon at a ground base.

Location Under Water
I get a message when drawing roads that says, "Location Under Water". The cursor was green. I thought that was fixed.

Fixed an error in the road width used on the client to verify the location.
Fixed roads to not care about water at all.

Automatic Door Bug
I made a guard post with a gate that opens/closes. I walk up to the gate and it opens but it seems to be out of sync with the state of the gate/door on the server.

Fixed automatic door open bug on server.

Take Gear From City
NPCs that are created in new cities equip themselves based on gear in the city inventory but they don't take those items out of the city's inventory. A city with one rifle could arm an army that way.

Finished NPC gear init code. An unfortunate bug in that code cause a bunch of servers to crash right away when they were restarted. It is fixed and the servers restarted.

Troops Upgrade Equipment
Troops in new style cities do not upgrade their equipment when the city gets better stuff. My guards are standing around with bricks but my city has rifles and ammo.

Troops in new style cities now upgrade their equipment hourly.

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