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Not-Syndicate Recruitment Thread
Because Those Dead Empires Won't Sieg Themselves.

Syndicate is not back, but Not-Syndicate has been reborn with this thread acting as a general purpose diplomacy channel for all Not-Syndicate related news and releases. Not-Syndicate is dedicated to being a useful contributor to the Shores of Hazeron community.


President - SpaceGeek
Mascot - DarkShadowFox

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Placeholder for now.

We are currently looking for promising new players who are interested in developing content for Shores of Hazeron, offering assistance to Haxus and sciencing game mechanics for documentation. If you are interested in joining, PM me. Not-Syndicate may have a presence in-game sometime in the future. Check this thread for updates and details.
[Image: iluK937.png]
Sounds fun, let me know if you get started on a project I can help with. Posting to stay posted.
I miss DarkShadowFox. I wore his hide with honor for the latter part of the last universe. It was given to me as a gift by Staines, I think; my memory of that is vague.

It was nothing personal against DarkShadowFox, who seemed to be a fine player. It's just that nobody ever made clothing for me from another player's skin before; I was touched. 

Some time ago in the current universe, a player named Zahariel gave me leather clothing made from the specie Canis Superior. I think it was her own race. It was thoughtfully inscribed and I still wear it. i even took a DNA sample of it so I could replicate the specie. It's going to break my heart when it finally wears out.
Your Yiffweave should be the original from Staines, although all of Syndicate made and wore them with pride. Relevant:

[Image: eQbuye5.png]
[Image: iluK937.png]

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