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2018-10-04 System Scan Rings, City Report Spacecraft, Build Bug
Build New World Bug
When I plan buildings on a new world they don't show up until after I relog.

Kicked a cached value that needed updating.

This bug really forced the update today. It was way too confusing, especially to new players.

Jobs Number Suspicious
I started a new town. After building five buildings I checked the city report. It said I had 131,000 jobs. What? Later it was different, still far off.

Fixed uninitialized jobs count variable.

Floating Pieces of Carcass
When I carved a carcass on the ground, it turned into leather, meat and bone. The new items hovered in the air for a second or two before falling to the ground.

Triggered immediate physics processing on freshly carved carcass bits.

Enemy Agent Present
I went to help a new player get started. They could not build anything because an enemy unit was present on the world. That was me, because I am in an empire and their new avatar was not.

Agents with agent power active are now ignored by the check for enemy units.

System Scan Rings
System scan report draws moons around planets but it does not draw rings, though it includes information about rings.

Rings are now depicted on the solar system scan image. Three circles are drawn. A dashed line shows the orbit line of the ring. The dotted lines show the inner and outer limits of the ring.

City Report Spacecraft
The spacecraft section of the city report says it includes only empire ships in orbit. Other ships in orbit are also reported.

Fixed wording on city report to reflect a recent change. Cities with sensors or an observatory will now report all ships in orbit, regardless of empire. That means all ships that are in the zone of control of the world, not necessarily close to the atmosphere of the world.

Station Broker Shipments
Space stations are supposed to fill and send shipments like a broker. This was an unfinished loose end.

Space stations can now send shipments.
  • Operates like a broker with two offices so it is limited to two shipments, two en route.
  • Shipments are filled from the cargo hold of the station.
  • Shipments can be sent to cities in the same system as the station, unlike brokers.
  • As with brokers, a shipment is removed if its destination city ceases to exist.
  • User interface appears as a new page on the Spacecraft window. It can also be shown by itself like other spacecraft pages.
Shipments Lists Tech
The window to create a new shipment lists ship designs, building designs, patents and tech in the combo box. They are useless there.

Removed useless categories of items from the shipment creator window.

Obsolete tech items were listed because the Miscellaneous category included them. Obsolete items are no longer included in the Miscellaneous catetory. They will show up in filtered lists only if the filter is set to All.
Could officered stations receive shipments, too? It would be great for remote outposts and deep space foxholes.

I remember we chatted about this once upon a time and you said it would be much easier to maintain a list of destinations for officered stations only.

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