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2018-10-03 Server Crash, Black Holes, Neutron Stars
(10-04-2018, 11:32 AM)Vectorus Wrote: Can we have the outer shell of the neutron star, or something similar, as an animated texture for spacecraft design? It would look awesome around a warp core.

[Image: tumblr_okf1bcR6AD1rf9oduo1_500.gif]
Yes, this please.
Amazingly beautiful (and terrifying)! I'm willing to take the blame of asking for this repeatedly, although I certainly wasn't the only one.

Speaking of beauty: stellar remnants, particularly white dwarves but also neutron stars, illuminate the most beautiful planetary nebulae around them, formed by their "death".

Edit: looks pretty good on my personal check list now:
  • Y Main Sequence
  • Y Giants / Subdwarves
  • ~ Remnants (mostly)
    • Y Stellar black holes
    • Y Neutron stars
    • ? White dwarves
    • ~ Planetary nebulae: rather random, but should be around most if not all remnants
    • - brown dwarves (failed stars)
  • ~ Transitions (mostly)
    • Y Wolf rayet stars (mostly look like a main sequance star with a planetary nebula)
    • - Pulsing Variable (e.g. Cepheids)
    • - Interacting (probably not worth it - too many types and little is known except for specific types like Ia supernovae)
Alpha Librae (expired), Transcendence Singularity. Aurora (expired), The Rising Sun.

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