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2018-09-28 Bulldozer, STL Import/Export
Bulldozer Broken
Bulldozer is broken in old style cities. It does nothing. You cannot delete buildings.

Fixed a logic error in recent changes to select items under the cursor. This was the primary reason for the update today. The bug was too obnoxious to let it live all weekend.

Creature Turn Jolt
Creatures sometimes make a strange jolt when they start turning.

The sudden huge turn bug, recently fixed in spacecraft, existed in two other places in the code, animals and sentients. They are now fixed.

NPCs Repeat
When talking to NPCs, they often repeat their responses.

Improved NPC decisions about what to say. They will now rarely repeat things they have said recently.

Design Preview Crashed Server
A server crashed because of a preview in a designer.

Fixed a bug where a pointer was accessed by the designer in a way that was not thread safe.

Server Deadlock
A server locked last night.

Reworked some code to prevent deadlock.

STL Import/Export
I had a note to import STL files if no license was required.

The STL file format is described here The file format is not proprietary and it was trivial to implement. Here are some key facts.
  • The STL file format is commonly supported by 3D printers.
  • File data can be either binary or ASCII format.
  • The file unit of measure is not defined.
  • There is only one solid model in each file.
  • The file only contains surface triangles.
  • There is no color, texture, transparency or other information to describe the appearance of each triangle.
Designer can now import STL files.
  • Binary and ASCII formats are supported.
  • The unit of measure is specified when imported.
  • The solid in the file is imported as a mesh, at the current position of the grid.
Designer can now export STL files.
  • Data is exported to the file in binary format. I wrote an ASCII exporter. The files are a bit bigger. Does anyone need the option to export in ASCII format?
  • The unit of measure is specified when exported.
  • The current position of the grid determines the position of the exported solid.
  • Visible faces of parts are exported.
  • Doors, landing gear, turbo lifts, and turrets are exported in their current states.
  • Hidden parts are not exported.
  • Parts invisible in the final model are not exported. e.g. voids, barriers, paths, etc. You don't have to hide them to get a sensible export.
2017? Big Grin

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