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Treaty of Fort Laurent, Non-Aggression Weltreich-RDSG
[Image: 8JoDUmD.png]


Geimeinsame Verlautbarung
Déclaration Commune
Ratified by
 Bundesrat des Weltreiches – Le Conseil des pairs
The Press Offices of His Imperial Majesty’s government of Weltreich and of His Most Christian Majesty’s government of Listenoise give notice herewith of certain concords and agreements entered into by Their Majesties in their great solicitude for the common good of mankind.
We make known that henceforth and in perpetuity the peoples of the World Empire and of the Kingdom of the Holy Grail shall live in peace and amity, neither annoying, hindering or making war on one another, nor permitting any allies, vassals, dependants or associates of theirs to do likewise unto the principals or unto one another; and in the same manner that neither party shall give aid, assurance or harbour to the enemies of the other, nor permit his satellite to do so, excepting only those common conventions of war established for the relief of humanity.

We make known also that in the field of the star called Fort Laurent, His Imperial Majesty and His Most Christian Majesty shall each make war on the enemies of the other, their proper relations notwithstanding; and we do straightly charge all princes and governors not to approach thereunto.  

Mortius                                         Simon de Balsham
-Reichskanzler                           -Lord Chancellor of Listenoise
[Image: 7JQk4bf.jpg]
Many thanks to Vectorus for putting together such a well-designed document. The Weltreich looks forward to many more cooperative ventures in the future as a result of the signing of this document.
Diplomacy of the highest quality. Fascinating to see such documents flash across the galactic news beam.

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