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HazeronProspector v1.3.1
System survey report database and filter for Shores of Hazeron.

My name is Deantwo and here is another one of my small open-source C# projects.
Took me a while to figure out how to read the StarMap XML, but it paid off!
I have taken a lot of my inspiration from Hazeron Scouter, so some credit goes to OhiraKyou.

What is it
HazeronProspector is a system survey reader, it can show all the resources in a system.
Still a lot of polish needed, so the to-do list is a little long. But it works!

  • .Net Framework 4.0
    (Standard on windows)

How to use
Export StarMap XML:
  1. Log into Hazeron with your character
  2. Open the Locator window (F7)
  3. Go to the Star Map tab
  4. Click the "Explored/Scanned/Detected Space" button
  5. Click the "Save Starmap" button
  6. Choose a location for the .xml file that you will be able to find later

  • Support for multiple galaxies
  • Select a surveyed system from a dropdown box or type in coordinates
  • SystemWide mode to simply show systems and their best quality for each system rather than each planet/zone
  • Get system surveys for all systems within range of a specific system, either search by persec distance or wormhole jumps
  • Color coded table

  • Customizable color ranges
  • Column viability menu
  • Save user setting
  • (Any ideas?)

Want to help
I'd love some feedback and ideas.

I need an .ico icon similar to the ones used in HazeronAdviser and HazeronWatcher.
Maybe an inferno planet, with a clipboard or sensor icon.
Send me a PM if you want to help me with this.

Hazeron Forum Thread
(Old Hazeron Forum Thread)

HazeronProspector v1.3.1

HazeronProspector v1.0
[Image: 2020-01-12_12_22_26-Window.png]
Hazeron Forum and Wiki Moderator User: Deantwo
can't wait for the update now that xml exporting is back
New update works Smile

My, how I've missed this.
HazeronProspector v1.3

Updated to work with the 2020-02-21 update.

  • Removed TechLevel.
  • Removed useless resource grey out.
  • Removed population limit, changed it to world diameter.
  • Renamed Planet and PopulationLimit columns, to World and Diameter.
  • Implemented Titan and Planetoid.
  • Fixed minor issues that prevented reading of newer XML files.

GitHub release: HazeronProspector v1.3
Hazeron Forum and Wiki Moderator User: Deantwo
HazeronProspector v1.3.1

Minor bugfix.

  • Fixed BlackHole and NeutronStar being swapped.

GitHub release: HazeronProspector v1.3.1
Hazeron Forum and Wiki Moderator User: Deantwo

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