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2018-09-13 3DS Import
3DS Import
The 3DS importer has a bug when importing models with parts that have a transformation matrix. When any unit of measure other than feet is chosen, the parts are not positioned properly.

Fixed an error when applying unit of measure scaling to transformation matrices.

Empire 0 Capture Ship
Empire 0 should not be able to capture spacecraft.

Empire 0 avatars no longer trigger the capture sequence when sitting at the helm of a spacecraft.

Empire 0 Build Ships
Empire 0 should not be able to manufacture spacecraft.

Spacecraft factories will no longer make spacecraft for empire 0.

Political Stance on Star Map
The star map highlights spacecraft based on their political stance toward the star map's empire. This is backward from the way it highlights other things with political stance.

Fixed backward political stance check when tallying spacecraft in a system.

Wiki Image Upload Bug
Images cannot be uploaded to the wiki.

Fixed a file permissions error introduced when the wiki was moved to the new server.
Empire 0 are the real villains of shores of hazeron, they just cause so many problems.
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