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Normal Maps for Building/Spacecraft Textures
I'm uncertain if the engine Hazeron is built in could even handle it, but I think it'd really improve the visual quality of the game if Normal Maps were implemented for the textures.

Normal maps provide a great amount of extra detail for fairly minimal processing power.

A lot of free textures from OpenGameArt come with Normal Maps for their textures, so it'd be nice to be able to import the base texture as well as the Normal Map for texture for textures that I'm loading.

That said, I understand that this suggestion is a long shot because I imagine it's either 1) yes, normal maps can work with the games visual engine or 2) the custom game engine would need massive reworks to implement normal maps.

And while we're on the topic of Normal Maps, Specular maps would also be wonderful to see in the game. But that also hinges on if the engine was built to handle that..
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IIRC, it is using OpenGL 3.2 feature set. Normal maps are possible. Technically. But I'm not familiar with client's rendering pipeline and don't know, how much work it would require to implement.
I always imagined Haxus would implement this when he's satisfied with the overall game state and the majority of the bugs are gone, meaning this would be done during polish due to complexity. It would have quite the dramatic effect on the graphics and it's something my wife is looking forward to.
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