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2018-09-07 Star Map
Star Map Refresh Sector
It would be nice to be able to refresh any given sector easily.

A right-click context menu option was added to the tree control to refresh one single sector in the star map.

Star Map Update
Star map update takes a long time even if I update one sector.

Fixed partial update of star map.

Star Map Refresh Galaxy
Doesn't work.

Fixed query for a single galaxy in star map.

Star Map Signal Strength
It was requested that all systems show their signal strength bars.

Signal strength is now visible on all systems. A button was added to the toolbar to turn them on|off.

Star Map Scanned Indicator
A scanned indicator would be nice in the star map.

Added a scanned indicator to systems that have been surveyed by your empire. A button was added to the toolbar to turn them on|off.

Star Map Query Clear Current
It was requested that the star map query have an option to clear the local star map data first.

Two check boxes were added to star map query window.
  • One check clears all star map data when the query is made, so the result is only the query.
  • One check fills in the local 3x3x3 box of sectors in the star map, after it is queried.
Star Map Black Sector Names
Sector names in the list are black. They are very hard to read.

Changed the color of unexplored systems to a dull grey/red color.

Star Map Settings Broken
Star map does not always restore its settings.

Star map displayed alone did not restore its settings. Star map displayed as part of tabbed window did restore its settings. This inconsistency was fixed; they both restore their settings now.

Star Map Spacecraft
It was requested that the star map show the location of spacecraft.

Star map now shows the presence of spacecraft.
  • Information is based on position reports broadcast by all spacecraft every 10 minutes.
  • Star map shows spacecraft and stations as an icon, by political stance, with a count of each. e.g. 2 Empire Ships, 1 Enemy Station, etc.
  • Ship display toggle added to tool bar.
  • Station display toggle added to tool bar.
  • Right click a system to request a detailed report of all spacecraft.
  • All friend and empire spacecraft are reported.
  • Enemy and neutral spacecraft are reported if they are in a system that contains sensors belonging to your empire or a friend empire. Sensors can be provided by cities or spacecraft that are not in deep space.
  • Range cannot be precisely determined. A coarse "system range" is applied. Spacecraft are detected if they are in the system and not in deep space.
Empire Standings Ships
The number of spacecraft on the empire standings pages is incorrect.

New style spacecraft were not being tallied. That is fixed.
This is a great quality of life update. I'm especially happy to see that fleet ships show up on the map now. Thank you!
It is likely to lead to commanding those ships. There's plenty of information available now to do it.

[Image: StarMapShips.png]
Would you like the spacecraft information to be included in the XML output file?
Is the universe in limbo? I haven't been able to login yet.

(09-07-2018, 04:05 PM)Haxus Wrote: It is likely to lead to commanding those ships. There's plenty of information available now to do it.


That looks awesome! ♥
Only complaint is that this information isn't in the starmap list. Same with signal/emission strength, but I don't know how that would be listed.

(09-07-2018, 05:22 PM)Haxus Wrote: Would you like the spacecraft information to be included in the XML output file?

You can if it is a readily available, I am sure some players would love it.
Can we also get the signal/emission strength added to the XML?

If you have the time, maybe you can improve the XML generation too? Maybe a nice loading bar like with the starmap refresh has.
Hazeron Forum and Wiki Moderator User: Deantwo
I'll put all that stuff into the XML file and add a progress bar.

I think the signal strength is shown in the tree control. I recall fixing a bug while working on this stuff that probably had it broken. Check for it now.

Signal strength is already output into the XML file. It is the 'signal' value in the 'system' element.
The map now feels very slick and satisfying. It's not an area for which I'd have had many ideas, but these are really noticeable improvements. Good work!
Don't need to be compressed "before" sending.
(09-07-2018, 07:32 PM)Xantheose Wrote: Can you compress the xml file before sending it? That's plain text, it can be compressed for example from 100MB to 3-5MB
(09-07-2018, 07:48 PM)AnrDaemon Wrote: Don't need to be compressed "before" sending.

As Anr is trying to say, the XML file is generated on your local computer using the starmap data that you query when refresh the starmap. So there is no XML file being sent to your computer, it is just being generated.

A few of bugs/oddities I have found:
  • Requerying a sector still looks like it is redownloading the whole starmap, at least the loading bar says it is downloading all ~700 sectors.
  • When requerying a sector, the selection is lost of that sector.
  • One of my systems is showing up as a yellow dot with signal strength, but sector is blue. I don't know if this is intentional and I'll have to check if anything is in the system that isn't mine. City in system: Walpurgis
  • I don't quite understand the new "3³ Nearby Sectors" checkbox. Isn't that the same as the "Sector" numeric input when set to 1? Maybe it is useful if you are querying another galaxy than your current one and also want your nearby sectors, but this just doesn't seem useful.
  • Timestamp on the spacecraft report hurts my brain, who uses "fr sep 7 22:24:44 2018"? Maybe because I am a programmer I prefer "YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss.zzz".
  • Spacecraft locations don't seem to update. I moved my ship to another system, it is still showing as being in the previous system.
Hazeron Forum and Wiki Moderator User: Deantwo
I downloaded my entire star map of ~500 sectors, then requeried a sector. The result was quick, as expected.

I added the lost selection to the bug list.

Signal strength color should be the same as the solar system dot, or yellow if it is unexplored.

The 3x3x3 checkbox is handy if you have not explored the neighboring sectors. If you clear the map and query for sectors, you are left with just a few with no other way to get them back until you explore them. That's what the check box is for, to add them to the star map even though you have not explored them.

Timestamp was supposed to be localized based on your settings. It looks quite different on my computer.

Spacecraft only update their positions every 10 minutes. Your local star map does not update until you refresh the data with a new query. It is potentially too much information to maintain live.

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