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[QoL] Cities authorities on map
Quality of life: Cities authorities on map

Hi, it's Xantheose. You probably already saw me in "Manufacture - save workshops list" or "Designer - Texturing". I am here today to present you a new idea which is not altering the gameplay nor the content of the game, but only intends to add some quality to its existing features.

The problem

We all know where a city authority starts, but never where it ends.

Of course, there is an helper in the game to show the limits, but since the planets aren't flat (unlike earth ofc), it's really difficult to see exactly where the planar helper is supposed to be on a curved surface.

Also, this helper is only shown when a police station or a capitol is held in hand from the construction window, but this information is required for many others things than placing a new city.

TL;DR problem:
[Image: unknown.png]


I was thinking of a comparable system which isn't showed on the surface of the planets, but exists on it; the resources zones.

It's very simple, clear and fast to see it on the map.

Then why using the same kind of helpers to the city authority system?

[Image: unknown.png]

Here in red, the capitol authority zone, and in blue the police stations ones.
[Image: unknown.png]
Showing the city jurisdiction on the world map sounds like a nice idea.
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