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Discord bot for Shores of Hazeron Discord servers.

A basic Discord bot written in C# with the Discord.NET library.

The bot can theoretically support multiple servers, so if/when proper hosting is found it could be made public and used by multiple Discord servers.

Galactic forwarding feature is based on the old HazeronDiscordBot by CaptObvious. Most notable is the updated version of the old RegEx.

  • Galactic forwarding

  • Assignment of roles
  • Historical player count records

Want to help
Feedback and ideas welcome. Maybe someone is more experienced with Discord API.

Hazeron Forum Thread
Discord Server

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Oh god even he's discord bots are made of .net
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(05-07-2022, 08:25 PM)Xantheose Wrote: Oh god even he's discord bots are made of .net

.NET Core 3.1, but I guess it still is.

If you have any suggestions that doesn't make you seem like a jerk, you are welcome to share them. Otherwise please just keep your unconstructive criticism to yourself. Thank you.
Hazeron Forum and Wiki Moderator
According to the TOS

"By registering on this discussion system you agree that you will not post any material which is knowingly false, inaccurate, abusive, hateful, harassing, sexually orientated, threatening or invasive of a person's privacy, or any other material which may violate any applicable laws."

Sorry D2, I have to discard your opinion again.
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