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2022-05-02 Database Lag
Master server developed a habit of taking a super long time to do its periodic database update.

A maintenance function that is only performed on the master server was taking a geometrically longer amount of time to execute as the number of solar systems increased.

The maintenance function is not critical so it is now only performed when the master server starts up, before anyone can log in.

This will also allow the server to shut down more quickly. It was taking forever because of the final save before the server exits. That was getting really annoying.

One really annoying side effect of this was the huge delay in completion of things that involve the master server, like passing through a wormhole to a system that is hosted on a different server.
Does it affect system and sector transitions, home recalls etc that involves character loading from one place to other?

I don't know what it does exactly, but it might open some bugs that were covered by regular maintenance
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Definitely would affect those things.
Nice. Recently i started to check network activity icon more often because of that. Could we get more info from it apart scene and comm packet activity?
Also, when you will come online in game?
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Good find, we had noticed system transitions were getting.... excessively long.

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