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2022-04-25 Solo Lag, Respawn Fail
Here are the most notable changes in this update.

Solo Lag
While playing the solo game, the movement of my guy was nice and smooth for awhile. Then it became extremely jittery and laggy. Restart seems to fix it for a little while but the lag always comes back.

This problem led me down quite a rabbit hole for several days. I eventually found the problem and it is fixed.

I found and fixed a few other minor issues along the way.

This bug has been the primary reason that I have not posted an update to Hazeron Starship. I will update that today.

Respawn Fail
Weird things happened when my tribal avatar died.

While playing solo I would respawn at the village lying on the ground writhing like a dying person.

While playing online, my avatar got stuck in a weird respawning state and I had to restart the game to clear it up.

I found and fixed a bug in the respawn code that caused a sync problem if you respawned when you were already on your respawn world.

Move Slower When Hurt
While enjoying the life of an indigenous tribesman I tried to stab an animal to death. It ran. I chased it, stabbing it whenever I could, until it finally died.

It occurred to me that an animal with lots of injuries probably shouldn't run at full speed. It might be a little easier to kill wild animals if they would slow down while you were cutting them to pieces. It is frustrating to stab an animal mostly to death, only to have it run off like a cheetah.

All creatures now move slower once their health drops below 50%. That is the level at which the health bar turns from green to amber. Speed drops off as health decreases further below 50%.

Flying creatures can no longer fly when their health drops below 50%.
Thank you for the various fixes Haxus.

Keep hazeron great.
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You're awesome.
Interesting about the solo lag. I've not expieranced it yet...and now I won't have to! Thanks for that fix. 

The limping animal feature is a nice touch!
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