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2022-03-03 Bug Fixes
(03-05-2022, 07:26 AM)martianant Wrote:
(03-05-2022, 02:54 AM)Rockinsince87 Wrote:
(03-05-2022, 01:25 AM)martianant Wrote: Okay, if I only ever select one resource it seems to work okay. If I select multiple or try to use the "one natural resource at this quality" it returns no results.
But this now brings me to my next issue which is ease of use compared to the 3rd party programs. I can take my entire xml starmap, run it through the program, and it spits out the highest Q locations for each resource. This makes finding colonization locations incredibly easy. With this tool, I will need to manually go through every resource, set quality, inspect each result (or progressively run the search increasing the quality each time until it drops all but one), for each resource. Sure, it works but dang is it going to be tedious.

I've also been manually combing through the systems like Quake, but it will get unusable once I start getting much more exploration done.

I've had slow xml exports in the past like you talked about, I'm sure it could be optimized in some way. I've never had it crash my game though. Maybe I've just never had as many systems to export as you have?

Yeah it's gets out if hand when you start traveling around a lot at warp. You do a search and you get a loading bar where it's searching through 20,000 plus solar systems and its stupid slow. It searches through systems you just happened to warp through, works the same with exporting. 

Tweaking the range of the search and that helps significantly. I wish you could set a range limit on export. That would solve quite a bit.

Well I explored a total of 6 systems, and now when I try and search for a single resource the client freezes and crashes. Very cool.

The export range could be limited. It only exported what you queried the map for. So instead of selecting the entire galaxy, you could set it to X sectors. Then get that data and hit export. I'm at least 90% confident that would work because I would always select 1 galaxy and never get info about the other galaxies I had data on in the export.

Yeah it only exports one galaxy at at time. I tried to query only a few sectors and export and it never seemed to matter, or a least is constantly crashed for me so I could never tell. 

That's not good that it crashes with 6 systems. Something seems wrong, it should not do that. In any case I think that proves that having the alternative method is a must. 
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