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2022-03-01 Game On Line Again
(03-01-2022, 11:01 PM)Haxus Wrote: One thing that has not been restored is the empire standings report and avatar pages. Part of me says this is too much information to give away. Any opinions?

I am thinking that Empire pages would be more interesting. It doesn't have to show anything more than what is already on the empire standings list. Such as full size version of the empire's flag, members and their titles, and normal stats from the standings list.

But it could also have an empire description written by the empire leadership. Can be used for all sorts of things, such as diplomat contact, recruiter contact, links (with "no-follow") to empire's private forums or other things, and so on.
The description could also be shown in-game on the Diplomacy window.
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Software was built for Manjaro 21; I think that is an Arch Linux distro. SoH appeared to run fine in the virtual machine. Mouse was weird but I think that may have been due to the VM. Launcher for Manjaro 21 is now available on the Downloads page.

I set up a VM with the latest Debian 11. It had no Qt installed and there was no obvious way to install it. There were a few random Qt packages. I fiddled with it for a while then gave up. Enough distros come with Qt or at least the qt-default package that I don't have to horse around with the ones that don't. Sorry.
The good news is your upload for the Ubuntu launcher just contains the executable (and the other files), it isn't specifically like a debian package or anything. So in theory it should actually work for most Linux distros provided they manually install the dependencies. It was a painless experience for me as I ended up already having the ones it required.

The main benefit to something like AppImage would be that the dependencies all are bundled with it. Although just providing the launcher as an AppImage and not necessarily the executable might mean the dependencies for the actual program wouldn't be getting installed, unless the launcher was already taking care of that for us and what not.
The ability to save the starmap appears to have vanished, please return it if possible.

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