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BUG: Crew do not attack ground units automatically
Scope: Starships/Spaceships, pirates, ground units/buildings, Crew AI

Bug: While in orbit or just above a pirate base, the crew will not automatically attack using any stance. 

Current remedy: Fire manually, auto-hot key? 

Steps to reproduce:
1. Locate pirate scum 
2. Orbit or hover over pirate base
3. Set stance to anything aggressive
4. Nothing will happen. 
Avatars: - LimboWarrior

[Image: Warp-Sig-Final.gif]

Ok so I tried a different ship (same exact design). Same configuration, weapons, stance, everything and it worked. So I don't what to say at this point.
Avatars: - LimboWarrior

[Image: Warp-Sig-Final.gif]

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