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2021-02-17 Saved Game Folder, Lost Atlantis, INI File
Saved Game Folder
The location of the saved game files can now be configured in settings. The default location is 'Hazeron Starship/Saved Games'.

The previous location of the files was 'Hazeron Starship/Temporary/Solo'. That folder also contains cached files.

To continue with your current saved games, you can either redirect the saved games folder to that location or you can move the files to the new location. The files to move are named: A10*, sU.*, and sA.*.

What are these files?

The current game is stored in two files named A1001100 and A1010101. This contains all of the avatars shown when you get to the avatar selection screen.

Check point saves are stored in pairs of files named sA.something and sU.something.

When a check point save is restored, the sA.something file replaces the A1001100 file and the sU.something file replaces the A1010101 file, then the game starts normally.

Lost Atlantis
The Lost Atlantis scenario required a couple of changes.
  • Atlantis now starts with 100 cryo travellers.
  • Atlantis is no longer privately owned by your avatar. I forgot this would make fuel and repairs very expensive.
  • Crew species now matches your avatar, as intended.

INI File
There is now a -ini command line option when running the game to force settings to be stored/loaded using a .INI file, rather than the registry on Windows. On Linux the option is redundant because settings are natively stored in -ini format.

I have not tried this because I use Linux. I don't know where the file will be stored on Windows. The name should be 'Hazeron Starship.ini'.

Story Hint Button
Story Dialog window now has a button to request a hint.

Story now replies with a message when the script does not provide a hint. Previously it said nothing, which was a bit confusing.

Missing Villagers
Started a game. Exited. Restarted later and my villagers are mostly gone.

Fixed by a previous bug fix, I think. I have not been able to reproduce it since then.
A simple CMD/BAT script to move the same files to the new location:
cd "%UserProfile%\Hazeron Starship"
mkdir "%UserProfile%\Hazeron Starship\Saved Games"
move "%UserProfile%\Hazeron Starship\Temporary\Solo\A10*" "%UserProfile%\Hazeron Starship\Saved Games"
move "%UserProfile%\Hazeron Starship\Temporary\Solo\sU.*" "%UserProfile%\Hazeron Starship\Saved Games"
move "%UserProfile%\Hazeron Starship\Temporary\Solo\sA.*" "%UserProfile%\Hazeron Starship\Saved Games"
Simply paste it into a Command Prompt window.
Hazeron Forum and Wiki Moderator
You will find the INI file in your AppData\Roaming folder, in a folder named "Software Engineering".

Edit: I feel the Atlantis scenario ship should be a PN wormhole and max warp 5. If you're supposed to be the last of a once great race, the ship should at least somewhat reflect it.
(02-18-2021, 02:59 AM)Nitro2030ce Wrote: great race
Not necessarily.
(02-18-2021, 03:17 PM)AnrDaemon Wrote:
(02-18-2021, 02:59 AM)Nitro2030ce Wrote: great race
Not necessarily.

Thankfully we can make up our own back stories.
I'll update the Atlantis design.

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