Poll: Who is the supreme victor of Universe 6?
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Sieg Swarm, i guess
1 100.00%
Sieg Swarm, i guess
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Seig Swarm, i guess
I declare supreme victory over Universe 6 based upon the following achievements:

1. Sieg Syndicate takes too long to type. Sieg Swarm rolls off the tongue better.

[Image: 5NNx3lG.png]

2. The Swarm did not bang the stargazer and slept through the destruction of our homeworld. True chads practice abstinence, no matter the cost.

[Image: GIurNno.jpg]

3. The Swarm pioneered the art of growing 5 meter long pubic hair.

[Image: cR8lDTU.png]

4. The Swarm made a football head space man. His name is Clarence.

[Image: 8eZm0pv.png]

5. The Swarm designed and published the popular Atlantis 'Original Design Donut Steel' Mark II ship.

[Image: Q4BR190.png]

6. The Swarm declared war on Lightspeed for violating our sovereignty.

[Image: ul1juRI.png]

7. In a show of force, The Swarm gave birth to Deantwo.

[Image: T90c4ZR.png]

8. The Swarm mind takes care of a bunny. He is very lorge and very sweet. Please adore him. ?

[Image: zjf64Mf.png]

Thank you for your thunderous applause. <3
Reply to me you cowards.

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