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Raising Claim Limits
One of the main complains that I've seen with the turn back to subscription was the amount of claims an avatar can have is a bit low and encourages people to have multiple accounts for a decent-sized empires.  I'm not asking for too much major of a change but for a bump in the number of claims an avatar can have or have it expand to an certain limit somehow.
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If you maximize your use of Land and home mechanics of all 6 avatars you can have on an account, you can have 66 solar systems in total.
See: https://www.hazeron.com/wiki/index.php/Land

But the Land mechanic is a little weird to use, so I would definitely like to see it made simpler to use.
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If it was paid, then to be honest I'd prefer a pool shared between all of the dudes because toggling between accounts purely for upkeep reasons (even if its fairly easy) is annoying.

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