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2020-10-06 Shores of Hazeron Moving to Steam
Why the peace-war rift then? New player arrivals are even set to Veil of Targoss by default now.
Unless you're accounting for griefing outside of war, in which case no man, no problem.
Can't get griefed if no one else is playing.
What griefers are you even talking about, I am told Mortius was slaughtering new people during pay to play for ages (I was told this by Mortius so I rather believe him).
(10-15-2020, 04:28 PM)Haxus Wrote: The universe database will NOT be reset. Resets in the past have generally been driven by some change or other, that made it easier to restart than to upgrade or fix the data. There are no changes of that magnitude on my list at all.

The Steam release will be December 1st or later, with no urgency to get it done. I am working on some significant changes that must be completed before then.


Quote:The biggest change is enabling the solo play mode to do about everything the multi play mode can do, and to make the solo database persistent. The solo play mode then becomes a playable game.

The product released on Steam will be a single-player only variation of Shores of Hazeron. It has been dubbed Hazeron Starship.

Wut...are my dreams coming true? 

Would it be possible to include coop or some form of minimal multi-player using steam? I know that's asking a lot but I suppose I'm just very curious of the development goals and objectives of Hazeron Starship. 

Will there be AI empires with economy/trade and diplomacy? Think sins of a solar empire but HAZERON style. (hence the minimal multiplayer question, others can join/help you ((perhaps 4-8 max?))

Will the old ship designer be available for the single player game? Or will the current system remain with communication to the blueprint exchange? 

Quote:Shores of Hazeron will continue as the multi-player only variant of the game. I will restore the $10 per month fee, when I get around to it. This is a low priority and I don't mind letting things run free-to-play for a bit.

For about $25k, I can get a new server with 256 threads. It would replace seven of the Dell PE1950s, accounting for 28
threads (4 threads each). This achieves a nice upgrade to the servers without expanding into another cabinet, so my monthly server bill would remain unchanged. Those seven old boxes would move to the debug server grid.

That price is quite reasonable for the new server. Is that a Supermicro or Quanta server? Just curious, because that really is a good price. The chipset and processor architecture jump from 2007 (those PE1950s) to Now is amazing. The Xeon 5000 series processors were quite good for their time but the new processors blow my mind constantly. 

Well done.
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Haxus, I know you've probably got a hell of a lot going on, and as someone who's been watching this game with amazement for the few years that I have, I think you're heading in a really good direction. Steam will be great for the game, you'll take a great boon to morale every time the game takes off a little, and Steam's framework will make updating/publishing/community management a lot easier.

This situation reminds me a lot of Dwarf Fortress, and its developers, Tarn and Zach Adams. Their game was extremely well-known for being hard to learn, and very difficult to play. Their community made content for the game (mods, art, sometimes helped with the codebase) and eventually (very recently, actually) announced that their game was coming to Steam with a GUI/graphical overhaul. More people than ever are helping with the codebase, and more people than ever will have access to the game that was previously limited to Patreon donations (and before that, just Paypal).

The next few days/weeks/months for the game are going to be very crucial. Don't be afraid to take advice or work outside of your comfort zone. I know Hazeron is like your child, and that you're probably the only adept who can work your codebase, but nothing could be worse than stuttering over problems you didn't foresee by yourself when the game finally 'launches'.

Take your time. Everyone here is rooting for you. Hazeron is absolutely amazing, and it's been a hell of a journey watching it get to where it is now.

More importantly, I can't wait to see where it goes from here.

Good luck!
(10-15-2020, 04:38 PM)Haxus Wrote: I have stopped building the Ubuntu 18 build. It is easy to restore if someone still wants it. Just speak up.

This is why my client has been "incompatible with the server" for two weeks!

Can I have it back please? I was using it, and if I want to upgrade this system I need to learn how to do bind mounts to make Snaps work. Ubuntu 18.04 doesn't officially EOL until 2023.
They technically havent even gone into EOL for ubuntu 16 yet
Please can you tell us how we can donate to Hazeron's development during this interim period?
(11-16-2020, 09:06 PM)Vectorus Wrote: Please can you tell us how we can donate to Hazeron's development during this interim period?

Good question ^
I plan on living forever far so good!

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