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proper model and texture import
Hi to all you pro's ;-)
What is the proper way to find models of buildings of different types and sizes with their fitting individual textures, that are easy to import into the format, the designer uses? There are very nice looking models to be seen on the main website, in the forums and on fb.
I never seem to find a way to use the textures of models.

Is it, because only a few formats are compatible to the designer?

How do you guys convert other data types into the fitting ones, if you do so?

If i can figure this out, I like to contribute to the exchange, so everyone can use the models, I come across.
I really like diversity in shape, size and textures of buildings in the cities. At least every type of building should have one unique model to go. Perfect would be to have these models altered, for different sizes. I liked the old system, where you could upgrade buildings. But different sized models for each type of building will do the job even better.

So please help me to understand, how this works properly :-)

Maybe it's very easy and it's just me, not understanding all the 3D modeling stuff and the magic with the import mechanics of the designer. :-)
Looking forward to maybe importing spaceship designs and making them usable for the SoH community.

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