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Designer usability, Room Voids & Doors
A couple of new tools added to the designer would help tremendously with usability.

The first is an automatic room void tool.

Now I know a room void "button" has been debated against and makes good sense as to why it will never be added.

Which is why I think a tool would be best instead. The method of implementation I am thinking is a polygon based extrusion tool. Simply put, the user would draw a polygon on the grid extrude it to height and a hull void would generate 0.1 smaller than the room relative to each face. This room would have simple square walls be a pure polygon, all convex sides, on the floor and ceiling, and could even have a fixed number of edges for the source polygon and subsequent walls as decided based on the necessary limitations of the pathfinding mechanics. This tool call it room+room void extrusion would allow people to draw full corridors and rooms using the current designer quickly and easily.

The next idea, Doors, two tools air tight and not airtight. 

Not airtight doors could be added by drawing a line from one room wall to the other and setting a wall thickness this auto generated door would be a three piece mesh with three barriers. Two static and one barrier/mesh tied with the door state. This door would exist within the room void meaning it would not isolate them when opened or closed.

The next tool should be the air tight door. This would be a simple auto door tool that would require one to draw a polygon on one wall like the door jig and then have it cut the door with some simple checks in place both walls need to be squares, parallel and be less then 0.5 meters away. This auto door tool would automatically add the door and associated walk path and room void.

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