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Kazarun Empire

Prime Minister Ferrius have announced, that since this day forward, citizens of the Empire may forward their information here in order to attain mandate for the position of next positions:
1) Sector Governor - entire sector will be set for your expansion as you see fit
2) Minister - PM second in command
3) Senator - single star system will be set for your expansion as you see fit
4) Minister of Imperial Survey Agency - you will design, build and create map of surrounding sectors, with each star being assigned next priorities: Alpha - no are materials, no habitable planets, Beta - rare materials , no habitable planets, Gamma - habitable planet, rare resources, Delta - star system with every resources available, have habitable planet and Epsilon - ring world system. You will have entire star system for your personal development.
5) Head of Imperial Shipwright Bureau - your prime job is to design ships according to PM comissions, single star system
6) Trade Guild MasterĀ - you will work with sector governors in order to establish shipments towards shipyards, developing colonies and trade agreements with outside entities

In order to apply for the position, you will need to be capable at whatever position you will be asking for and being familiar with Shores of Hazeron enough to know every part of it, as well as to be able to speak fluent english or russian.
[Image: dfGjgTs.png]

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