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"Offer a bid..." input limited to 999,999,999 cronodollars
Ran into this issue when trying to buy a large number of expensive items from a colony to clear its inventory of lower QL items.

The problem:

When you do 'Ask for items' > 'Offer a bid' you can only enter up to 999,999,999 Cronodollars.

[Image: Aq5D5b2.png] < --- as you can see that's a bit of a problem here.

So there is no way to give the merchant what he wants currently. The fix: adjust the textfield so that it allows you to type more digits.

As a bonus: You are actually able to go over the 999,999,999 if you use the increment arrow. But it isn't exactly practical doing that 2 million times.

[Image: tdzLUFq.png]

And yes, I know that you can trash items via the building menu, but they are spread across all buildings due to being broker imports so that would take a painfully long time. So I'd rather just...not. Would greatly appreciate a fix for this!

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