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2020-06-29 Rocket Training, Surgery
Rocket Training
Rocket training starts. Where is Gagarin?

Several errors were found in the story engine.
  • Story engine failed to find a new rocket to start the story, unless the player was standing at the building with the rocket when the story engine checked for it.
  • Initial placement of Gagarin was calculated incorrectly. He kept being placed exactly in the middle of the rocket, with his feet sticking out of the rocket main booster.
  • Gagarin's story repeats until it is completed by the avatar. The story now asks at the beginning if you want the training.
  • Some of Gagarin's comments were updated to reflect changes to the game since the script was written.
  • Found/fixed a bug in the story engine when evaluating compound if conditions.

There is a bug that prevents saving someone with a surgery unit.

There were several errors that prevented this from working properly.
  • The body took a point of bleeding damage after being de-fibrillated, which caused it to die again.
  • The body took a point of bleeding damage after I picked it up, which caused its pose to change.
  • The doctor did not immediately attend to the patient when dropped in the surgery unit. The patient died while the doctor just stood there.
  • When attempting to enter the surgery unit while clothed, I got the fail message twice, which was annoying.

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