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2020-06-25 Gunfire, Explosions, Self Destruct, Refit
I hold the trigger on my AK. It fires once, PEW! Then I see the rounds counter ticking down, no more pew pew.

Fixed bug in gun fire effect.

Vehicles vanish with no explosion at all.

Fixed bug in visibility range calculation for explosion effects.

Self Destruct Bug
When I self destruct the ship I am aboard, the ship is destroyed but it remains in my scene. I can walk around but I cannot interact with the ship, like opening a door. I am stuck until I relog then the ship is gone and everything seems fine.

Fixed bug when the ship you are aboard is destroyed.

Self destruct was not a factor. The destruction could have been caused by any means. The result would have been the same.

Refit Bug
When refitting a ship, the repair shop sends a proposal. There is no accept option on the right click menu for the proposal.

Accept option added to right click menu for refit proposals.

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