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Harvest fuel orders sometimes end prematurely/never start
This is a bug that I've noticed for a while but it was a bit hard to nail down. It varies between ships--I've noticed that some ships get partially refueled, and others never even begin.

I was able to get the bug very reproducible with this particular ship.

It tends to happen when you have a ship whose fuel cells are larger than its hold and you use the 'percent of hold space' option. (In this case the hold is 5,885,777 units and the fuel cells are 52,971,999 units).

OK, let's get into it:


There are two different scenarios of the crew not starting the fuel harvest mission, and they occur both with 'harvester operation by bay' and 'harvester operation by module':

Scenario 1:

You tell the crew to harvest '100% of hold space', but you already have more fuel than the hold space is capable of holding.

The harvest does not begin and you just immediately get:

"All harvester operations are completed as ordered. Super job crew."

It would seem as though it is using hold capacity for the % calculation when it should be using fuel cell capacity. This would explain why some smaller ship designs that I use would only get partially filled when using this. I stopped using the 'percentage of hold space' option a while ago because it is unpredictable.

Scenario 2:

You decide to outsmart scenario 1 by setting the mission to harvest 'actual quantity'. Similar to scenario 1, if you enter, say, 40,000,000 as the quantity and there are, say, 41,736504 units already in the cells, you get an instant:

"All harvester operations are completed as ordered. Super job crew." Lazy bastards. All of them!

If you however set the actual quantity to a higher value, like say 53,000,00 units, then the crew will successfully start/finish the mission. Yay! This is the only surefire way I have found to ensure that harvest missions go as planned. 

See screenshot below:

This seems like a (hopefully) straightforward fix, for a change. If anyone else has had similar experiences with this please confirm!

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