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Stuttering and microfreezing
Peta Nocona ODYQX

Lots of stuttering, and freezing of the client..  not responsive to control inputs, sometimes have to hit buttons twice, or many times to work, to find out the client was frozen (its like messages to the server are getting queued and hung, then run all at once a few seconds later.

Currently in UFO on land, but have a hard time getting in and out of ship due to this..  Stuttering?  or freezing of messages to server?

I noticed this a little last night.. but worse today.  also lost a ship that was on a cyclic mission to and from another planet in the system harvesting.. it burned up in the atmosphere.

Assuming the server my system/sector? is in might need attention?  


EDIT: 5/15/2020 10:05 AM - There was a reboot of servers on 5/14, and I also cleared all manufacturing jobs from all buildings.  Not sure what impact the reboot had, but clearing the manufacturing jobs, and cleaning those up (making only what I need) I noticed a marked improvement in the responsiveness of the GUI.  The stuttering still happens some but is not as pronounced.  I will assume this issue is a result of server load from buildings+manufacturing  With many jobs.

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