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Font size in Windows
Hello Astronauts,

is there any Way to scale the font size in the windows in the game?

I've found the settings for the size of text, that appears in my sigth, while i'm in first or third person view or in overhead view.

I've even found the settings to scale the size of the menu icons.

If there are no settings inside the game, can I change the font size in one of the game files in the program folder?

Turn down my screen resolution helps a bit. But that is not a real good fix for this issue.

I've returned to this game after years and immeadeately fell in love again. Best game ever, though some inconveniences. :-)

Greetings from Europe,

I believe Qt use system settings for pop up and else. You might have to try to change this in your control panel (windows, kde, unity(lol) or whatever).
[Image: unknown.png]
Oh, thanks. I will have a look into it then.

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