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2020-04-01 Galaxies Nerfed, Plague
Too Many Galaxies
Players complain about there being too much space and it being too easy to hide.

Nerfed all but 4 galaxies.

Remaining galaxies are as follows:
  • Shores of Hazeron
  • Andromeda Rising
  • Veil of Targoss
  • Vulcan's Forge

All avatars and spacecraft in the nerfed galaxies have been moved to either the Shores of Hazeron galaxy or the Veil of Targoss galaxy. Depending on which side of the Σ (sigma) discontinuity they were on.

The Vulcan's Forge galaxy has also been cleared, but will remain in the game in a new separate zone. More on that below.

I added 30 days of time to accounts belonging to empires with cities in the removed galaxies to compensate for loses.

Galaxy Viewer
I miss the old days of being able to find other empires.

All cities in the PvP and non-PvP zones are now listed with their coordinates on the website. Here.

The web server is updating and will be online soon.

Thunderdome Galaxy
A thunderdome galaxy that reset more often would be cool.

The Vulcan's Forge galaxy is now in its own zone separated from the other galaxies. The galaxy will be wiped and reset every 3 months and winners will be shown on the website.

Interstellar Plague
In light of the real world events, an event in the game would be fitting.

Antitoxins won't work against city disease for the foreseeable future. The change of city disease events have been increased, but only when near other cities with a disease event. A few randomly selected cities will have a disease event triggered after the update.
Shores of Hazeron Wiki Moderator User: Deantwo
We need this. Thank you Haxus.
Maybe we would actually see conflict if some of these changes were implemented.
Wow great changes, all of these. Finally listening to something people have been saying about the number of galaxies and the thunderdome. I'm excited to win the first one!

The city coords change means I have to fire pretty much the entire intelligence agency, and in light of the new Hazeron Pox that's gonna make those citizens have harder lives. But their entire jobs have been replaced so what can you do.
April Fools!
Disregard this update thread, since it was just a joke.

I apologize for the Interstellar Plague part. It was in bad taste.

I only had like 30 minutes to come up with ideas for this. And that was the last entry to be tossed in.

My thread from last year was so bland and no one really reacted at all, and Haxus released a real update shortly after I had posted mine.
Last year: 2019-04-01 Pirate boarding and raids, Cloaking shield, Digging, A drill tools
So when I saw a server reboot and no update thread posted, I knew I had to jump at the chance right away.
(04-01-2020, 08:50 PM)Deantwo Wrote: Interstellar Plague
If anybody remember year 2011…

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