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Galactic Dossier - Old Binary and Potential Rework
I don't know how many people remember me, but back in the U3/U4 eras I wrote Galactic Dossier, another XML Starmap Parser. Turns out I still have the .jar executable sitting around, and it mostly still works. The only functionality problem, as far as I can tell, is the absence of the new resources like Adamantite in the filtering options. It also still displays resource TL, which obviously doesn't exist anymore. Figured I'd drop it here in case anyone wants it as an alternative to Dean's tool.

Also, there is the potential for me to rewrite this. The code is, to be honest, completely awful, so I probably won't even bother just updating it for compatibility with the latest Hazeron version. If I pick up the project again, a complete rework will probably happen.

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