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2020-03-05 Rubber Banding
Rubber Banding
I rode a motor bike for ten seconds and got off. The motor bike disappeared and I couldn't move. Eventually the motor bike came lurching down the street and stopped next to me where I got off of it. Then I could move again. This is super obnoxious.

Fixed the bug. Built this patch update that contains only that one bug fix. I am working on an update with more fixes but it is not ready to be posted. The rubber banding bug was so bad I couldn't stand to let it go through the weekend that way.

Win64 client has been updated.
Other clients will be posted as they finish.
Would be a good idea to let most UI features and chartacter movement be displayed on the client side, also interpolation between different clients and AI appearing to others would be swell.
Are you spying on us? We were just talking about this in-game before I went to bed. ^^;
Hazeron Forum and Wiki Moderator
No I was not spying. I ran into the problem in my new city and couldn't believe how bad it was.

The weird thing is the code involved hasn't changed in a very long time.

The fix eliminates the problem entirely.

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