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Designer Newb Needs Help
I made my first attempt at actually creating a ship in the designer over the weekend. Everything seems to work except that I can exit the ship, but something is preventing me from entering either door. As far as I can tell everything is in order. 

I was hoping someone could have a look and tell me what I'm missing.

Spaceship Alpha

I plan on living forever far so good!
I tried but I saw that you made a room inside your hull... Actually idk how to deal with, I prefer cut inside my hull to add some room voids inside.
Except for the shape and # of doors, I followed Haxus tutorial as closely as possible. It confuses me that the naming conventions are different in the version he was using, but I think I understood it correctly.

If I beam in I can exit the ship correctly, I just cant enter from the outside. That leads me to believe that it's the hull voids. I may try that huge one you used in your vid.

I plan on living forever far so good!
Figured it out

I followed Haxus tutorial to build the ship ...didn't realize there was another to fix it Wink
I plan on living forever far so good!

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